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has been a great inspiration to me. I really admire how he came to the United States with just the clothes on his back, managed to succeed in Hollywood, and ultimately become the Governor of the State of California. Of course I would like to keep this short biography as unbiased as possible. In order to be unbiased, I thought it necessary to show my admiration for Arnold Schwarzenegger, and then, let the readers come to their own conclusions.

As briefly mentioned, Arnold Schwarzenegger was not born in the United States of America. If you have ever heard Schwarzenegger speak this would be immediately evident. Arnold Schwarzenegger has an accent that is almost world famous. Arnold was born on July 30, 1947 in a Thal, Austria. Arnold is quoted as saying that there was an "uptight feeling at home" (Pumping Iron, 1977). His father, Gustav Schwarzenegger, was a police chief, and therefore ran a strict household. He expected his family to be a good example for the community. His mother, Aurelia Jadrny, married his father on October 20, 1945.

Austria, at that time, had placed a one year military service upon all its youths. Arnold Schwarzenegger, being no exception, entered the Austrian army in 1965. It was during this time that he entered his first competition; he would not even allow the Austria army to stand in his way. Arnold (against rules) left his army base only to win the Mr. Junior Europe title. Of course, upon his return he was punished. It shows that from an early age, Arnold Schwarzenegger had the drive and the will to become a champion.

In 1966 Arnold Schwarzenegger entered his first Mr. Universe competition. He placed second in this competition. This only made Arnold more hungry, and he returned to London the very next year. This time, Schwarzenegger was successful. Arnold Schwarzenegger was named Mr. Universe Amateur. He would win the title again in 1967, and finally the professional title in 1968.

Arnold Schwarzenegger entered his first Mr. Olympia (1969) with booming confidence. The returning champion was Sergio Oliva. Oliva had won the Mr. Olympia title the previous two years and was looking for a third. Sergio Oliva was declared Mr. Olympia in 1969; Arnold Schwarzenegger placed second. Arnold now had a goal to train towards; he must beat Oliva. In the 1970 Mr. Olympia Arnold Schwarzenegger returned, as did Sergio Oliva, but this time Arnold managed to take the title.
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Arnold Schwarzenegger would go on to win four Mr. Olympia's in a row (1970-1974) before he announced his retirement. It wasn't until Arnold was approached to make Pumping Iron that he ever considered to compete again. Schwarzenegger was convinced to compete one last time, as he would be the subject of a documentary, and after all, this could help his, now developing, film career.

Pumping Iron was simple. Follow the champion (Arnold Schwarzenegger) as he prepares for a bodybuilding competition (1975 Mr. Olympia). Of course the producers added additional characters, but the idea remained the same. Pumping Iron was a huge success and launched Arnold Schwarzenegger into another level of fame. After the 1975 Mr. Olympia, and the sixth straight victory, Arnold Schwarzenegger announced he would retire from bodybuilding. Arnold, then, continued pursuing his acting ambitions.

In 1980 Arnold Schwarzenegger decided to come out of retirement and compete, again, for the Mr. Olympia title. This, has been said, to be one of the most disputed Mr. Olympia's ever. It was reported that Arnold only had eight weeks to prepare for this contest and despite others being in their top shape, Arnold Schwarzenegger still won. There are many allegations of how and why Arnold won; some believe that he had influence over the judges. Nevertheless, Arnold won his 7th Mr. Olympia title. This was a record that would stand until Lee Haney won his eighth title in 1991.

After Schwarzenegger made his huge mark on the bodybuilding world he could now focus his, seemingly, limitless energy on something else. Now Arnold began to focus, primarily, on his acting career. In 1984 Arnold starred in The Terminator. It was a great success and a name he has carried ever since. "The Terminator" (Schwarzenegger) also started in Terminator 2: Judgement Day (1991), which was also a great commercial success. Finally, in 2003 Arnold returned to (possibly his most famous character) The Terminator, for Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines.

Although I only mention Terminator movies above, Arnold Schwarzenegger started in countless movies, most of which, I greatly enjoyed. See the complete list

Arnold Schwarzenegger Facts:

Schwarzenegger became the Governor of California on November 17, 2003
His wealth is estimated to be over $800 million
His height is 6'2"
Arnold Schwarzenegger competition weight was around 240lbs
Arnold was Chairman of the President's Council on Physical Fitness and Sports in the early 1990's
Schwarzenegger announced that he would run for Governor while on The Tonight Show
Arnold married John F. Kennedy's niece, Maria Shriver, in 1986
He has four children
Arnold Schwarzenegger had heart surgery in 1997 to repair his aortic heart valv


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